The sun is coming back to Lyngenfjord

The sun is coming back to Lyngenfjord
19-01-2014 14:38 CET Visit Lyngenfjord Finally- after two months absence, the sun is coming back to Lyngenfjord! The polar nights in Northern Norway are very beautiful but when the light comes back, everyone is welcoming and exciting about it.

After two months of darkness, Lyngenfjord is now preparing for the return of the sun. Festivals, fires and baking of sun-cakes are just some activities going on in the Northern part of the world.
The period of inside acitivities, moonshine in the middle of the day and skip of washingthe house because ?no one sees the dust anyway? is now ending. The sun went below the horizon in the middle of November and the dark period started for the people in Northern Norway. Some brave tourists accepted the challenge and the reward they received for their courage was amazing northern lights and magical colours in the sky during daytime.
– People home asked me why I went to the coldest, darkest place in the world during New Year?s Eve. I have experienced warm and nice people, fantastic nature, exotic skylights and good food. The question is why shouldn?t I? I will definitely come back next year! Says Megan from Chicago after spent one week in Lyngen.
The locals are welcoming back the yellow returner in many ways- some kindergartens are closing so that the children can be outside, schools are hitting of to thes hores making fires and many parties have names like ?sun return-celebration? and ?daylight party?.
– The strongest feeling is ?I survived!? says one local businesswoman in Lyngseidet, laughing. You really appreciate the first sunbeams and the people in the village are coming out of their caves, smiling to each other. The life is coming back to you! She says while looking out on the pink coloured mountains on the other side of the fjord.
After this dark period in Lyngenfjord, the popular ski season starts with tourists from all over the world, challenging their ski skills in the spectacular Lyngenalps. The sun will shine as if it never left us and the countdown to the 24-hour stay in May has already began.
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